Sunday, October 23, 2011

Press Release - Differences Between Men and Women (Completed)

Media Contact: Carl David Blake.
LOS ANGELES, California —October 19, 2011—The Guinness World Record Wedding Dress Train can now be seen in the movie Differences Between Men and Woman, a Carl David Blake Productions. The long post-production process is over, and the movie is being sent out to film festivals.

Differences Between Men and Woman is produced, written, and directed by Carl David Blake. The movie stars Kindell Monique' Carter as Marissa and Ray L. Perez as Marcus. The amazing supporting actors are Chaille Stidham as Beth, Natalie Self as Tina, Andy Tran as Phil, William Buchanan Jr. as Steve, Jacqueline Sevening as Bahiti, Allison Wood as Isabelle, and Cyrus Cassells as Silvio

In addition, an HD version of the movie trailer for Differences Between Men and Woman was completed on October 5, 2011.

After two years, Carl still feels the same way. “With all of the problems and challenges we’re facing today, people need to laugh more now than any time I can remember,” Blake continued. “And the Differences Between Men and Women, which has to be a comedy with that title, is a hilarious story we hope will bring that much needed laughter to the audience as well as making an important statement at the end of the movie.”

Furthermore, since production, the movie has created enough buzz to be covered by KEYE News with Bettie Cross and Jason Wheeler twice. The first time was on December, 18, 2009, the day before the Guinness World Record was broken. And the second time was on April 22, 2010, during post-production. On December 19, 2009, The wedding dress train was officially measured at 7,829.5 feet by the wedding dress wrangler, Allison Wood.

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